LinkedIn Photo Gear Weekly [2017-2018, ENG] (Update 15.11.2018)

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LinkedIn Photo Gear Weekly [2017-2018, ENG] (Update 15.11.2018)

LinkedIn Photo Gear Weekly [2017-2018, ENG] (Update 15.11.2018) | 5.41 GB
Get your gear on! Join photographer, author, and educator Tim Gray every Friday for insights on camera gear of all kinds. If you're trying to get the best of your choice, you'll find out what you want to do.

Join the photographer, author, and educator Tim Gray every Friday to learn about all kinds of photographic equipment. In Photo Gear Weekly, Tim shares tips on mastering the advanced features of your camera, recommends accessories that will simplify your shooting and expand your creative possibilities.

Theme: Photographing and photographic equipment
Type of handing out material: Video Tutorial
Duration: 05:37:32
Year of release: 2017-2018
English language
Translation: Subtitles
Subtitles language: English
Link to the video course on the manufacturer's website: Photo Gear Weekly

Photo Gear Weekly
01-Introduction to Photo Gear Weekly
02-Using an underwater bag to protect your camera
03-Introduction to B&H Photo as a resource
04-Understanding the purpose for the various filters
05-The difference between prime and zoom lenses
06-Knowing where to go for rental photo gear
07-Discovering an old photography process: Tintype
08-Travel tripod options for packing light
09-Back button autofocusing for faster framing
10-Using custom white balance in tricky lighting
11-Macro shots using an extension tube
12-Understanding how to purchase used gear
13-Working with ND filters for longer exposures
14-Using a focus rail for macro photography
15-Understanding ways to clean a camera sensor
16-Lens cleaning options for best lens maintenance
17-Introduction to DSLR video options
18-Options for recording audio on your DSLR
19-Inexpensive long-range zoom lenses
20-Understanding tools for display calibration
21-Looking at the mirrorless camera options available
22-Overview of lighting options available for photo
23-Exploring drone technology and photography options
24-Using lens hoods: When and why
25-What is a loupe and when do you need one?
26-Using a Lensbaby
27-Fast filter switching with Xume adapters
28-Cropped sensor and focal length, oh my
29-A look at the Canon 5D Mark IV
30-Protecting filters with a filter nest
31-Using a color checker for accurate color
32-Camera bag options
33-Dual-slot cameras
34-Xenon flash for iPhone
35-Why GPS in camera is a great feature
36-Conference Intro
37-Commuter bags
38-Lens upgrade
39-Lens flipper
40-Drive savers
41-Photo books
42-SanDisk cards
43-LaCie drives
44-Remote cable release
46-Using a personalized controller for faster editing
47-Organizing camera gear with racks
48-Understanding maximum aperture
49-Custom options for camera straps
50-Lens exchange bag for lens swapping in the field
51-Printing a Lens Hood
52-Why Use Manual Exposure?
53-Focusing with Live View
54-Move your focus points
55-Diopter adjustment
56-GPS battery drain
57-Two cards in the camera
58-Easing into manual mode
59-The camera as a card reader
60-Understanding exposure compensation
61-Camera power adapter
62-Custom Camera Settings
63-Long Lens Compression Myth
64-Battery Pouch
65-Going Wide with a Cropped Sensor
66-Prynt Pocket Printer
67-Choosing Photo Papers
68-Polarizing filter magic
69-Instant prints with Instax
70-Tablet signature challenge
71-Macro lenses for more than macro
72-Color space in the camera
73-Smartphone accessory lenses
74-Card wallet tips
75-Do you have a hidden rain cover?
76-How many aperture blades?
77-Autoexposure bracketing
78-Cotton carrier
79-Do you need image stabilization?
80-Zip your bag!
81-Using a reflector
82-Road trip power
83-Spider camera holster
84-WhiBal precision gray card
85-Hanging branch boxes
86-Air blower for cleaning
87-Cleaning your own sensor
88-Batteries in the cold
89-Waterproof cameras
90-Wi-Fi in the camera
91-Wireless Bluetooth remote
92-Bus-powered storage
93-Built-in digital level
94-Depth-of-field preview
95-Why is this lens so heavy?
96-Flash exposure compensation
97-Lens lock
98-Mirror lockup
99-Rugged storage
100-Camera star ratings
101-Custom menu on a camera
102-In-camera time lapse
103-Hair dryer for lens fogging
104-LensCoat lens covers
105-Flash basics
106-Recording a GPS track log
107-Gimbal stabilizer
108-Tripods with flexible legs
109-ExpoDisc for white balance
110-Automatic panoramas
111-Bean bag for flexible support
112-KUVRD universal lens cap
113-Focus confirmation
114-Quickly switching autofocus modes
115-Shower cap as rain cover
116-Choosing full frame vs. cropped sensor
117-'Normal' focal length
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